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Muggles With Attitude: A podcast about Harry Potter!

Aug 16, 2019

Harry and his friends head back to Hogwarts for another school year. It's an unusual year, because Hogwarts is hosting the Triwizard Tournament! Luckily they've hired a gruff, scarred battle wizard to keep a mad eye on things.

We are Alice Sullivan (@alicemsullivan), Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake).


Aug 9, 2019

We start on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! The story broadens and darkens as Harry attends the Quidditch World Cup while sinister forces (some new, some familiar) gather to plot against him. Also, we learn that Mr. Weasley can get anything he wants... except a Muggle's friendship.

We are Alice Sullivan (

Apr 5, 2019

We watched the Prisoner of Azkaban movie! Basically everything has changed except the actors (mostly). Our favorite part is Gary Oldman screaming at the camera over and over.

We are Alice Sullivan (@alicemsullivan), Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake).

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Music: Backyard Adventure by Hans...

Mar 29, 2019

Harry finally gets to the showdown with Sirius Black, Professor Lupin, and... Peter Pettigrew? He also discovers his patronus, travels through time, and rescues a hippogryph. Not such a dull semester after all.

Note: there are some audible children crying in the background of this episode. There will be no extra charge...

Mar 22, 2019

Harry gets an education in terror from Lupin and an unfriendly Boggart. Harry needs to work on his Patronus but he has too few happy memories to draw from. Then, sadly, Buckbeak gets a new name: Headless Buckbeak.

We are Alice Sullivan (@alicemsullivan), Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake).

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