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Muggles With Attitude: A podcast about Harry Potter!

Nov 27, 2020

The battle is joined between the students and faculty of Hogwarts on one side and the Death Eaters with their various horrible allies on the other. In the middle of it, Harry learns even more dark secrets about his past. He just can't get enough dark secrets.

Note: there appears to be a cat meowing in the background...

Nov 20, 2020

Harry leads one of his signature chaos attacks on Gringott's bank. It starts when they sneak in using the old invisibility cloak, then ends with a blind dragon dumping them in a lake. Then it's back to Hogwarts via Hogsmeade, with a quick stop on memory lane, courtesy of Dumbledore's shady brother.

We are Alice Sullivan...

Nov 13, 2020

Harry's wander-around-in-the-woods plan finally pays off when he finds the sword of Godric Gryffindor in a pond. Then they engage in rapid, violent visits to the Lovegood home and Malfoy Manor.

We are Alice Sullivan (@alicemsullivan), Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake).

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Nov 6, 2020

After their ministry mission, Harry and friends are forced to flee their Grimmauld sanctuary. They spend some time camping and bickering, then fall for the oldest trick in the book: a giant snake hidden inside a historian.

We are Alice Sullivan (@alicemsullivan), Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake).

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